Took the risk and asked a question at SO. Yay! No downvotes so far


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    Bro to be honest that's not how you ask 😂 I am a beginner as well but I have 500 points
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    Gave you an upvote, just to cover up for the downvotes you are gonna get.
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    Well, it wouldn't surprise me if your question gets downvoted. Your question is basically: "I want to do {insert whole applications idea here}. How should I do this?"

    It's no clear question and far too broad to answer. You can't expect other people to analyze your application idea and tell you how to achieve it. It's your job to separate your idea into smaller parts that can be achieved.
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    Thanks or the feedback guys. I'm still kinda new to this stuff so it will take some time for me to learn the "StackOverflow bible" 😂

    The thing is i just don't know how to ask even after reading the How to ask section.
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    Damn those comments are so damn negative 😨
    Take my advice bro and rephrase your question.
    Anyways if I understood your question correctly, then the answer would be this https://stackoverflow.com/a/8201246
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    Unless it's a very simple webpage hashing isn't going to work. There could very well be specific content on the page (ex. Timestamp of generation) which would always result in a different hash.
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