Started working with the Fish Shell, liked it pretty much until I had to write a shell script!! Things are so different from bash/zsh. Now i need to learn how you do things in fish.

Fuck you Fish!!:/

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    nothing about fish requires you to write your shell scripts in fish...
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    I don't know what fish is, but I believe you could just specify a different environment (bash) on the first line.
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    @tbodt So, I had some utilities i use defined as functions in the .bash_profile, hence!!
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    smells a bit fishy...
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    write a bash script and run it with bash

    and still can use your default shell as fish or zsh
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    Basically every distantly shell-related page on the Arch wiki has its section ”Oh and here's a workaround for those of you using fish“. That has really discouraged me from actually trying fish.

    As I google it now, some features really do sound awesome! I wonder if switching is worth it for me. maybe I'll try… some day…
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    @7400 Come to the dark side, we have syntax highlighting for your prompt and autocompletion for every command in existence and a tool that parses man pages and generates completions
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