Okay once and for all:
What exactly is the purpose of dev rant?
1. Devs and aspiring devs ranting about software development related things

2. Devs and aspiring devs ranting about anything

3. Anyone ranting about anything

4. Devs posting literally anything, not even ranting

5. Literally anyone posting anything

I am not a purist nor an elitist, but my opinion about this is pretty cut clear. I would see devrant as an app to provide a platform for Devs to rant about dev things. Easy as that.

The stuff i see popping up here and there is absolutely not related to anything Software development, nor would it have any other reason to be posted on such a platform. I am not saying you need to have a certain quality or that there need to be standards but sometimes i just see people advocating for the most outrageously vapid and non dev related things.

What is your stance?
Did i miss the purpose of this app?

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    It's a just a vent for frustrated devs to declare their love/hatred of things. Some things are not relevant to development specifically but as a developer it's good to know there is a community you can belong to
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    You get the point, and you can contribute to it by downvoting bad rants
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    Post/read what you want and have fun.
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