Why is there a - 1 plus option? Just listened to a podcast by stackoverflow where they explained how they removed the down vote option on comments out of the idea that you cant be wrong on what you think..
Just throwing an idea

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    This is.not a simple --. You must select why its not good.
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    And thats why the up votes exist.. You can have the same logic based on it. I just like to keep it simple. But i get your point of view. Both can work, I guess @g-m-f
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    Actually i got to admit that i wasn't aware to that :-) you got a good point there @stop
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    Whenever the idea of "entitled to my opinion" comes up, I always think of this:


    I think the view some people have of being allowed to say what they like and no one being allowed to challenge or disagree with them is one of the most dangerous traits of our modern world. People think their righteous views are set in stone and unchangeable.

    And I fully support the downvote button because some of what is posted here is completely shite. But that's just my opinion, so I choose "Not for me". If 174 others enjoy it, the score will reflect that.
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    Yeah well i got to say that i agree with you all. Was just interested in some opinions on this after that podcast. Btw i recommend you to try their (stackoverflow's) podcasts they are not bad, got bit too much bulshiting but the topics are interesting
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    @CrankyOldDev , Masterfully worded.
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