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    Vanilla JavaScript is usable. But no, people decided to use frameworks. jQuery came out and is sort of stable now. But no one wants to use it. A while later, Angular was the hot framework. Now it's old and no one wants to use it. React came out. Redux came out. Angular 2 came out. Vue came out. But the truth, vanilla is still better

    Now if you search for a noun, there's a 90% chance there's a js by that name. It's not easy being a js dev
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    Recently replaced jquery with vanilla in our new project. Holy cheese, I feel so powerful. The DOM API has changed my life.
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    Vanillajs is an answer... Used with TypeScript it's good enough for most middle-advance projects.
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    To be fair, jQuery pushed the development of Vanilla to a point where it became pointless. Unless you need to support prehistoric browsers Vanilla beats rounds to jQuery.
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    @620hun Actually, that was the intention of jquery developers. To improve upon the dom based apis until the native js apis would eventually replace it
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