Android development sucks assssssssssss.
They FINALLY made a design system that doesn't look ugly so I thought might as well upgrade my old apps to it.

Publish and tonnnnes of crashes hours after launch.

Test on older devices and turns out some @color/material_xyz was missing in a lower API code BUT available in higher ones? No fallback, no error in AndroidStudio, just a runtime crash. Amazing

Then the location permissions glitch up. On lower androids even if you aren't actively tracking the user, the system tries to call some method which if you haven't overridden, the app crashes at launch.
And no amount of wrapping in try-catch-ignore helps (https://stackoverflow.com/questions... helped)

OH AND THEN the above solution if used on latest Android code33, CRASHES ON RUNTIME. so more sets of 'if VCODE this then ask this else that' bullshit.

I don't even need location it's just for better ad money ffs.

I've been team-android since Froyo and hate apple's monopoly, but if this is the level of their competence, many will jump ship sooner or later.

PS: yes I know I should've checked for lower versions before hand but Im not gonna make 8 android VMs to test all when different things fail in different versions.
I did have to do that in the end, but for a meh pet project one shouldn't have to. The system should have enough fallbacks and graceful fails.

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    it should, if the (eco)system is engineered and executed well. We all would love to see more of that...but not the case... and since I'm a dev with some exp on my back I can't blame the devs. some ppl just won't listen to us and force push their stupid ideas/decisions and if u want to keep this job u just do them ( although 1st trying to sense with them )...
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    That sucks!

    But I have to admit the same kind of issues were present in UWP development as well.
    Missing constants, or even attributes, from one version of an API to another were frequent, with no errors and warnings in Visual Studio or even issues during the validation of the package by Microsoft when you put it on the store. Just crashes and bad ratings on the store.
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    And then there are also many different versions of sdks with Huawei, Samsung, Google, …
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