I am leaving my job from a very big company with very high paying package for doing my own startup.
1 month notice period on.

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    Good luck! Hopefully you're life isn't s stressful as everyone in Silicon Valley (the show).
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    Good luck, sir!
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    Good luck! 💪
    I'm also curious to hear what your startup is about
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    @marodok @vertti we are going for Analytics in education sector specially middle and high school in India possibly abroad.
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    @avneesh its a good start avneesh. Go for it! Do it if you believe in it. Im from hyderabad (for non-indians, its a city in india) presently living in Los Angeles. India's education system needs an overhaul.
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    Fucking jealous!!
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    Isn't it weird?
    Like everyone knows you are gonna leave in one month.
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    @treeroot yeah... So that's why I don't do any work. I am roaming around the big building whole day. Also since I am leaving it's a hell lot of paperwork.
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    @avneesh congrats btw.
    Hope i will do the same in some time
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