Since the new update I have many issues with loading oft rants.
When I click on a rant, the devRant Logo Smiley Shows up for several seconds, than it Just disappears. And then nothing Happens.
Have to Go Back again, and Back again and sometimes also Close the App before the rant is loading again.
Is it only me?

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    @GC97 It's because you have low battery 😉
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    @itsdaniel0 Haha 😂
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    @GC97 I presume 0KB/s isn't your actual speed 😂
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    @itsdaniel0 It is. Because nothing is loaded after the Smiley disappears. I think the request Just Timeouts.
    I had this issue months ago, but only One or two times. But since the new update it is nearly impossible for me to open new rants.
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    I actually don't have that issue very often. If a rant doesn't load, I go back and open it again, loads everytime (except with weak internet but that's not a thing atm)
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    The new update seems to have fixed it :-)
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