Am I the only one who enjoys getting up early to code instead of going to bed late?

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    Nope, I often do that especially if I have something more challenging to do. Easier to focus, least for me.
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    I love it. But getting out of bed early is always a challenge since i went to bed late because i couldnt stop coding...
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    Yes. You are the only one.
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    I do both. Sleep... Meh..
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    I guess I'm moving more towards that but more or less both early in the morning and late at night, early for work and late for my own game development.

    It might change since I'll be out of work for a little while, but I do notice I get up early in the weekend to work on my game.

    Honestly depends the mood and if I was gaming the night before lol
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    Let me sleep x.x It's 6 am

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    Dunno, I love to code in absolute darkness. It's a Shane I can't enjoy it at work...
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