Anonymous claiming in their youtube video that NASA is about to announce the discovery of intelligent alien life.

I would be more astonished if they found intelligent life here on earth.

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    Anonymous is about as credible as using a PBS documentary on a thesis paper.
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    @jhh2450 don't agree. Not a member but don't agree :)
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    @linuxxx It's a sloppy, uncoordinated group of people claiming shit that most of the time is disproven or forgotten.

    And it's full of bullshit wanna be members. In my eyes, they're amateurish and have 0 credibility.

    (Some of the members are very skilled, but the group as a whole isn't impressive.)
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    @jhh2450 I've been in a few chats as experiment and I've got to say that they are very well organised. Sorry but still disagree with you :)
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    @Condor Exactly! It's full of posers who don't know shit. (I don't know shit myself, but don't pretend I do either.)
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    I bet that the intelligent life will know that "HTML is not a programming language"
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    @drmirk Well it's nothing more than turning on VPN, routing everything through tor as well and go to their main chat room 😆
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    @drmirk *cold sweat*
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    Heard something similar from a relative serious german youtuber. He claims that NASA is preparing a big conference, and nobody knows really why...But he speculated on not so much intelligent life
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    NASA has already called bs

    of course we knew they would
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