So someone asked me to destroy his hard-drive...

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    If I did that it would be just my luck the person would come back and say "sorry, just before you destroy it we need to get a very important file"...
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    My boss is allowed to shoot at shooting ranges, so we regularly shoot our customers (errr.. their data)
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    Remember to ask if said person have copied all their files they want to preserve.

    And query whether they want it hard or soft destroyed :p
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    I hope rare earth magnets made an appearance.
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    Id fake the destruction and use it for me or sell it xD
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    @ponsfrilus welcome to devRant. I think we should be careful against to you 😂
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    If you ever need to destroy an SSD, microwave it for about 45 seconds to 1 minute and it will be completely useless.
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    @DewWisp you also could use the inbuilt smart secure erase and use the ssd afterwards..
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    @Kimmax, I meant completely destroy it.
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    I've always wanted to microwave stuff like Mr. Robot.
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    @juzles the disc controller was dead anyway.
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    @TilkiBey thanks, I promise that I won't be mean!
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