Just had the displeasure of working with knockout, how is it that a JS library can be soo fundamentally flawed that you cannot concatenate a string with a variable inside a binding definition.

All I want to do is create a css class using the value of a variable inside an itteration with a prefix, so that I can write other less bad code to get around KO's other limitation, but no, you cannot concat, why would I want to do that inside of javascript.

Useless pile of tosslet

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    If you want that feature, then fork it, change it and make a pull request.

    Don't just complain but do something about it.

    Or build yourself an concat helper, where you can throw in n arguments. Use it with your static prefix and the iterated variable.
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    @plusgut if I had any intention of using that horrible thing I would, but I am assisting on a project where all the devs hate it even more than I do and are counting ting the seconds until they can move into my team.
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