Big rant.
Just finished my first year of uni. I took an extra course on c# (mvc, entity framework) and android development in java. We learned a lot of stuff and at the end of the semester they held a contest. We had to develop an app respecting their specifications and add something from ourselves for extra points. Problem was that we were supposed to work on the project during our finals, which we didn't, finishing uni is on the first place. But we had a week after finals to work on it. I, like many others, slept very littlre during that week, only to work on that app, I worked for more than 13 hours a day to finish it (it was a pretty big app) and I was pretty happy with the end result. Today they were supposed to announce the apps that made it to the final. They just announced that no app deserves to be in the final. They know that we had finals, but that we could still do better. They just peed on our work, probably threw our code away, fucking +13 hours a day, 5-6 hours of sleep everyday, almost no fun for a whole week after finals, and they think no one deserves to win. Fuck them, fuck their shit contest. Fuck you essensys, I hope your devs read this, fuck you bell ends.

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    After the wave of hate from contestants they said we have until the end of september to finish. They said they didn't expect to receive applications with code copied from their skeleton (why the fuck is it skeleton if it's not supposed to be in there?!?!l and with a few dozen lines added from other sources. Are u fuckin kidding me, what I sent has a total of around 8000 lines and you tell me I copied a few dozen lines and that's it??? (Skeleton was almost 1000, consisting mostly of models for the database) What the fuckin hell, did you even try reading my code??!?! Not that it was too hard with comments explaining what each function does, for fucks sake.
    And all I really want is feedback on my code, but they just think we are all shits who copy code and only care about the prize (an xbox). That stuff needs games bought for it to be of any use, I started coding because I didn't have money for games, and not much has changed on that matter.
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    After this, I would collectively boycott the contest
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    @zfor there are many happy because they didn't work on the app after finals and just said fuck it. What happened is a gift for them.
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    What kind of shitty contest would reject all submissions and just announce there's no winner??

    Maybe one of the teachers took the XBOX for themselves
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    No teacher involved. Some company held the courses. Essensys, if you ever stumble upon them, remember my rant, this kind of shit shows how much they respect the work of other people.
    I am still so fuckin pissed, even with the deadline moved to end of september, it's not fair to us, those who wasted their week on this.
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