It’s been so long since I’ve worked on anything cool 😭

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    Anything you can do to make the boring work cool?
    E.g. taiming legacy, researching new design patterns, new techniques, better IDEs, become a power user (keyboard shortcuts etc), improve your development+deployment pipelines, automated refactoring tools, etc

    What do you work on atm (if you can say)?
    Is it that your too divorced from the user that you feel like you're work is meaningless, or is it that the tasks themselves are monotonous?
    If the former: try sprint demos before each retro with the product owners or Dev team.
    If latter: can you automate the monotony?
    What about open sourcing your work - working with others can be very rewarding.

    ^ hope this helps ☺️
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    Cool tickets are put into the backlog to rot
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    That's what side/hobby/pet projects are for
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    At least you get a good pension?
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    A year here.
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