I seriously don't know why some people still using Google Drive, DropBox. Pied Piper is much better


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    Because its not http secure :)
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    It's a fan page.... Go and what silicone Valley (TV show).
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    @J4s0n lol! Thanks for the update! 😒
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    "The old Pied Piper “flute player” logo was referencing the fairy-tale character and in no way was meant to suggest a sexual act involving either the mouth or ear of the figure depicted. Apologies to any who were offended, and the logo has been changed to our current hat design by Mary Shibley that's clean, elegant and not with out some danger."
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    This sounds like shameless advertising :v
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    Jared, but if you're convinced it's malware jejeje
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    @elonmusk sry didn't wanted to tag you in this answer
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    I head this was the new internet!
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