Customer: The pages x and y are not displayed in the menu of my website.

Me: I've added another menu level. This level wasn't planned. Your pages will now be displayed.

Customer: Do you think I have too much menu levels?

Me (what I want to say): YES. You have too much of EVERYTHING! Too much menu levels, too much useless pages, too much bad formatting, too much different font colors in one fucking sentence! Your website is crap at all.

Me (what I said): No, it's okay.

I hate customers.

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    Looks like the client was asking for constructive criticism. But I get where web designers/developers come from. You gotta let things go and keep your sanity.

    On the other hand, if everybody says "It's ok" the sites will always be designed by the clients and we will have an ugly web.
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    I know the customer. That wouldn't change anything. He likes his website. His mails have the same style. It's just his nature. I would end up doing the content what's not my job and it's nothing what I would like.
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