Hello fellow devs. I will be having my internship in November this year. I main java language and thinking about diving into web development with Java EE.

Can you give me some tips on how to start? It feels too vast that i dont know where to start. Thanks :/

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    Run rm -rf / on the profuction server
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    Dont use vanilla java EE, use a framework. I wrote an application using the native servlet API recently and I can tell you, it's just not worth it.
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    Don't use Java for web at all.
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    @Hativ Was looking for this. Take a look at ASP.NET
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    Don't use Java EE, use Spring and especially Spring Boot.
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    @TheShell running away from configuration management 😂😂
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    "abondon Java at all costs"

    -every devRanter ${current-year}
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    @bashlord this.
    Use spring and spring boot...so much less pain
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    Learnimg javaee is so much more than just the APIs, it's learning the ins and outs of servers like Jboss etc. and it's a dying technology. Try to just learn web technologies instead. But Java is here to stay for another twenty years so it's not a bad language to learn, albeit not the sexiest.
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