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    I need that, where can I download this patch?
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    When is this patch due for release?
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    v1.2 rolled back previous patch due to regression issues causing instant brain hemorrhaging. Our apologies for taking 20 days to fix this. We really should write more unit tests.
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    Still waiting for the OTA, looks like I'll have to flash a custom ROM to get this update.
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    Want the patch... But... How's this data transfer going down
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    hopefully v2.0 will solve the pollution-issue. it sucks.
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    Motivation module? I must be early alpha stage hardware that isn't compatible with one of those... :/
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    What? That seems like a big buff! Now me and all other Alien races, secretly planning to destroy all human beings, are in a disadvantage. // Yeah, asymmetrical games and patches.
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    "Oops. Your files have been encrypted! Pay with your soul to decrypt them and retain your files."
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    Why the fuck are the devs spending time fixing these useless bugs?? Who cares about eyelashes or tongue-biting, like seriously!?? WHEN WILL U FIX THE IMPORTANT STUFF???? I've waited for months for a patch for the carpal tunnel syndrome bug!!!1one

    If you don't get off your lazy asses and fix the issues that I personally deem the most important, I will cancel my subscription. This game sucks. *continues playing, while eating donuts*
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    is it available in Tarball?
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    What about AI
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    @oxkipo In most dev jobs you can get high blood pressure without drinking any coffee 😤
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