I am now a documentation engineer

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    Now write code to generate it for you.
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    I believe that's call clerk
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    So you engineer facts?
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    so your job is to run nswag?
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    scale up, markdown
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    I remember being in university having some subject on learning UML and we had to design the whole diagram which ended up generating the entire code for a project.. as you might expect the generated code was mostly shit so we had to clean it up manually. But it did save a bunch of time writing all of that shit. I think thats how people wrote code back in the 90s... And of course we learn technology from 30 years ago...
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    @b2plane I tried to figure out how to UML for that. I got frustrated with it and just wrote the code from scratch. It wasn't worth it to me to figure out all the bullshit. This was in the late 90s when I experimented with that.
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    Then I have to document that code.

    It's recursion....but does it converge?
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    @swolebrothers There are tools that read the source code looking for specific comments. These comments have flags to direct the source code generator. I cannot remember the name of the software that does this.
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    @swolebrothers at least you know what exactly you are supposed to do at the company, as opposed to doing everything from scheduling calls for management to creating job posts to documentation to QA to excel sheet planning. Ah, and don't forget your actual work - shoveling shit shat by shitheads shit years ago.
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    Tests as documentation 💪💪💪
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