BOSCH replied to my job application for java backend engineer

"Thank you for your interest in Robert Bosch d.o.o.."


"We have reviewed your application..."


"...and have decided..."


"...to move forward with..."


"...other candidates."

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    well played =]
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    😂😂 I want this as a comic
    @trogus get in here!
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    @iSwimInTheC i bet he wont reply
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    @bioDan one can hope.
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    @iSwimInTheC yep, that's still free and abundant =]
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    The 1000 jobs search deserves a comic indeed.
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    @NeatNerdPrime i stopped at 18. All 18 ghosted or rejected me. Im tired of continuing more and getting rejected again. Very time wasting. Literally doing a scam pays way more than trying to earn the fair way. Of course because the game is rigged anyway
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    Bosch be like... S I K E.
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    @b2plane may I advise you against that? I truly believe that perseverance pays off if you're taking the fair & honest route. It sucks that it takes a long time especially in your country. However if you do, you'll feel proud and at peace. I sincerely wish it for you to happen soon. But it's weekend after all so take a break, enjoy life with your family and father or alone in nature. Monday is another day anyway.
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    @NeatNerdPrime in my country i earn 3 figures or maximum 4 if im lucky (in USD) as a software engineer with computer science degree. How am i ever going to buy a decent fucking car worth of about 30-50k? Not to mention an apartment? Or house? That's why i still live at my parents. Why would i accept to be a slave for someone who doesnt give a fuck to hire me in the first place, or if im their last option on the list for a minimum wage slave money of 500-600$ a MONTH. No. Fuck you. I can scam people for that much in 1-2 HOURS of work every day. Im trying hard not to do it though but these constant rejections and constant reapplying to new jobs at new companies is making it harder not to go towards the joker route
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