Boss: I can't open the website.

Me: What connection you using boss? Try to switch to LAN cable. Our office wifi a little bit wonky today.
*plug in LAN cable

Boss: Ahaaaaa! It works now. Please, next time make you develop website wifi compatible.

Me: ****

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    Oh my God. Why do they let technologically incompetent people be the boss? Like come on now. Basic knowledge of computers and technology in general is a necessity for the 21st century.
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    Seems your boss is incompatible with you.
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    Good lord*!! 😂

    *some random person
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    Don't forget about 3G/4G/5G as well.
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    HR recruitment:

    Looking for a Full Stack Engineer to develop WiFi first single page web applications.

    Must have 5 years experience as an RF engineer.
    3 years experience in Electronic Warfare
    10 years experience in Hack, Julia and Dart.
    Experience with routers is preferred.
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    If my boss said anything like this, and I didn't think they were joking, I would resign on the spot, god as my witness.
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    Next time just tell him to plug the LAN cable into his **** if he wants the WiFi to work ...
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    Although that's kind of what progressive web apps try to catch right? Obviously if there's no connection you can't load new data, but visited pages could still be loaded, wonky connections can be handled better... Granted, probably not what your boss meant, but may be aspects to consider, if he thinks those are important (enough)
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