If you thought your legacy code was bad, this is what I'm dealing with. The below SQL is stored in a cookie on login and executed to on every further request to determine the user / privileges.

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    Now that's a unique approach that shows thinking outside the box. Too bad it's so stupid.
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    Oh.. That's cute.
    Now kill it, with napalm.
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    Wow. What the actual fuck! 😆
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    That could be fun, cookies can be changed clientside so i hope there is some sanity checks in place.
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    Sweet baby jesus 😱

    You guys are gonna getting hacked as fuck!
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    @ItsNotMyFault No checks - also has public registration and the db user is admin with full privileges.
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    Wait... what????!?!
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    Never have I thought that someone DESERVES to have all their tables dropped.
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    @Fydrenak one can hope the connected user is at least not privileged enough..
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    I'm impressed... that's a very creative way to fuck things up
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    @lotd user? You mean that thing that says 'root'?
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    @ocab19 don't see it in that picture.

    But yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if the database is connected on root...
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    Maybe the developer who wrote that code, didn't get paid or the client was shit.
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    @pajaja Times like these you'd kill for a box. ;)
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