>Wife texts me to buy her 10 oranges on the way home from work
>Arrive home with 2 oranges thanks to working with binary..

Believe it or not this actually happened after I had just finished a whole binary-related project over the span of around a month.

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    no way! 😲😆
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    Wait... If she said "ten" y wud u convert it into binary?
    But if she said "one zero"... Ok who says that? Except us computer folks 😂😂
    But then... Anything is possible in IT
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    I’m calling bullshit.
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    @libcmg wopsy daisy 😅😅
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    @libcmg oh man now m gonna have that question in my head 😭😭 y u do dis to me!!
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    @Electrux I did say on text haha :D
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