Some fun facts :

☻ Programmers spend approximately 30% of the time surfing the source code 😁

☻ Progress in programming can be classified into 4 stages:
(a). Complex Programming
(b). Making Progress
(c). Slow Progress
(d). Stuck

☻ Programmers have a tendency to report their problems incompletely

☻ The main error messages, execution times and runtime compilation errors and the average time to solve them

☻ The software maintenance consumes more than 50% of the effort

☻ Ctrl C, Ctrl V, and Ctrl-Z have saved more lives than Batman tbh😇

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    on a daily basis, coders only spent 30% of their time writing code

    the rest is emails, communication, making coffee, being distracted by a purple haze floating by, figuring out problems, procrastinating, ..
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    @DarkMukke Good, good... I like those numbers as an aspiring programmer. I thought I would have to be 90% on the job when (if) I got hired :P
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    @karakamen Naaaa, on a good day I "work" 50% of the day. On bad days let's just say that they pay me to leave my brain at home....
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