YouTube just deleted my favorites playlist for supposed hate speech. My playlist had like 4k vids in it (none of them uploaded by me) and most of them were just stupid music videos or whatever, nothing even comes to mind that would qualify as hate speech, so because of this alleged needle in a 4k video haystack my playlist got deleted, YouTube did not even show any evidence of the supposed hate speech content within, my appeal was denied instantly. This is why I hate big tech- it is tyrannical and bullshit. It serves as an extra government nanny rather than appealing to its user base. This is because once a social platform grows so large that it has the monopoly on users, it no longer has to appeal to its users, it can then just focus on politics or other agendas. They can do this with confidence that they will not lose their users because they know that the modern internet narcissist will flock to any app that gives them the biggest audience, and since they have the monopoly on users they can rest assured the common narcissist will flock to their app (no matter how shitty or tyrannical) because they’ll get the most exposure there. This is the pattern every big social media platform falls into. At one point YouTube was cool….

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    So weird. Just delete the hate speech video right? I have playlists with deleted videos in it
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    This is why we need to move away from youtube. Maybe Odysee is looking interesting. Plenty of creators are moving there slowly, which could indicate a shift in the Meta.
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    @retoor there is no hate speech, the word hate speech is not valid, have you ever heard of love speech ???
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    Therefore go to RUMBLE or ODYSEE (LBRY).
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    @mansur85 I did not. But I did hear about hate speech; 1984
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    How did they even reveal that it was for hate speech? Usually they just remove or hide stuff without telling anyone.
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    Never forget that when stuff is for free, you're somehow the product. The company used you to grow big and you used the company to get stuff for free, so after all it's a fair deal. When I'm paying for stuff, I'm a real customer and if I don't like the product anymore, I stop paying for it.
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    @retoor @CodingTripledad @retoor yeah that’s the logical thing to do, but the enforcement of bs has become so neurotic ocd nuanced. Just check the tos
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    @mansur85 basically they will assume your a ped if your playlist contains one too may videos of kids or they will assume you’re a dangerous individual if your have one too many war videos, they make these leaps in character judgement based on fucking internet clicks. That’s not okay
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    @CodingTripledad you didn’t read my whole post, that is the bait and switch I’m talking about, while they “grew” the company, they were not tyrannical, now that they have the monopoly they are becoming tyrannical
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    @sugarcube oh, so that happened to my feet collection playlist that I used for sexual gratification
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    @CodingTripledad I can accept what you are saying but a company making judgements on one’s internal character and intentions based on a fucking playlist ? That’s insanity. And at this point, big tech is not simply a “product” it is a major engine of influence and mind control. It is it’s own gov entity at this point. You cannot call Facebook twitter and others merely “products” anymore given their height of influence and power and the fact that no one even has an identity anymore unless they have online presence.
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    @retoor exactly, but they wont stop u bookmarking it :)
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    I've yet to get around to a YouTube playlist, so perhaps I'll just stick to bookmarks !

    Though when a video vanishes, it is quite annoying to try and track it down someplace else.

    Sometimes it simply doesn't exist elsewhere. :-(

    Isn't there a YouTube archive site whose name I can't remember, out there ?

    I wonder if Facebook would do something similar to all those things you "like" or saved pages/etc. ?

    I remember once Facebook deleting a picture of mine that was just of an empty road for breaking some guideline. ( But they don't tell you which ! )

    Plus their, "we deleted your post because it broke guidelines" feature, often doesn't show you which post they are talking about, so you have no clue what you said that was wrong !

    The last post of mine that got deleted was a question about an electric fire grant..

    Since that was the only question I posted on the date in question, I knew which one they was talking about !

    But other days I might post 100+ things.
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    @mansur85 I love you man!
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    Hate speech means whatever we say it means, at any given point.

    And you WILL comply.
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    @Demolishun love you too, my brother
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    Best to just save your stuff offline
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