Worst CMS: Joomla.
Worst IDE: Eclipse.
Worst language: Python 2. (Python 3 brought many improvements to many annoyances there)

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    I can agree (except for Python, rarely worked with it till now.

    Eclipse just swallows your PC specs. It looks weird, it's bloated with functions and options...

    And Joomla as well. You need to study it to understand. Just too many functions. Which can be good for some projects but is simply utter shit when just quickly wanting to set something up.
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    Worst language would be php
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    tried to write a plugin for joomla .. documentation shit as hell.
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    So here you are! Hi there! So you're the one person in the world who didn't like Python. Nice to meet you fella! How are you? Can i get you a cola drink and put on some Dido?
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    @shaji Python 2. I actually like Python 3.
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    @lucavinci yup, PHP is definitely worse than python2. Python2 did have quite a few inconsistencies though which was considered bad enough for them to sacrifice backwards compatibility in python3 in order to fix things properly

    PHP should do the same with PHP8 imho, just rip out the old APIs, remove echo, remove the <?php .. ?> tags, add a proper templating system instead of encouraging mixing logic and presentation), remove all configuration dependent behaviours (php.ini settings should never change what the code does, it should only control things like memory and runtime limits) , use strict comparison for switch statements, turn arrays, strings and functions into proper objects instead of special constructs then the language would become a lot nicer to work with. (The execution model would still suck but changing that might be a bit too much)
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    Ohhh men, Python 2 is far far away of being the worst language. I mean, in the head of that list we have PHP, JavaScript, Java...
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    @ItsNotMyFault i really like php and especially Laravel. But you are 100% right. PHP7 is a big leap forward, it still needs a lot of improvements.
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    @lucavinci PHP has its quirks but when using a framewoek like Laravel its a really nice language. (7.1+) plain PHP? I completely agree with you.
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