Lately, ALL social interaction at an office is awkward and filled with tension. NOBODY knows what is allowed to be said when EVERYONE seems to be “triggered” by everything. So conversation is riddled with mea culpas, walking on eggshells, and equivocations and very little of any interesting substance is discussed. I’m making it my goal to always be remote in any job, but even the Slack and Zoom interactions are stupid.

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    Triggered by things they have nothing to do with. Political correctness is killing. The media is a cancer
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    Pronoun central?
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    @Demolishun terrible. You won't even notice what pronouns people use for you
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    @retoor that asshole - they use those
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    there used to be corporate cultures exactly opposite, just plain toxic, everyone talking bad about everything and everyone even when they were together in the same room.

    Another variation: the nerdy developer office: everybody wearing headphones, nobody talks at all, communication is done via slack and GitHub. Might as well have stayed at home.

    Conclusion: might as well stay at home.
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    @fraktalisman I prefer this now. Leave me alone, let me do my work, preferably remotely, and without the daily social pressure to go out to eat for lunch. When I spend money at a restaurant, I want it to be on my time and at my pace as a form of leisure, not as a socialization effort at work and racing to finish the meal to get back on the clock.
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    I'm really glad my company is not like that.
    Given, were a small system house, so.
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    In all seriousness, I figured something out that I hope may help you. Pause before speaking and replying and know what you want to say. If you can't think of the right way to say it, remain silent. It may feel awkward in the moment but you'll save yourself from being called out for triggering some snowflake later on. I would recommend role playing with a non snowflake to try it out. I hope this helps.
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    @fraktalisman "everyone talking bad about everything and everyone"

    From what I've seen it's just as bad or worse than before.
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    Old white men man blatantly fun of women and make them feel uncomfortable because they have the power. Woman talk bad about them behind their backs, because whatelse can they do.

    Young woman rage about old white makes openly and make them feel uncomfortable because they can sie them. Old white guys make their jokes behind closed doors, because whatelse can they do.
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    @bols59 soooo, everyone should fill in a character sheet and be called by their character name and class/alignment?

    That would actually be fun!

    "From henceforth I shall be known as "Ains Ool Gown" , Overlord of Nazarik.
    Submit and kneel whenever you dare to address me human !
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    @horus and still the roles follow the same clichés mostly: old white guys manage young white men, young female HR, marketing, and devRel specialists contact other dudes, while older ladies do the bookkeeping and cleaning.

    What else can they do? Well, many don't have much of a choice, and those who do probably leave corporate culture or don't enter in the first place. No women in STEM jobs? No women in construction work? Girls less likely to study information science?

    Every day I hear someone complain about the alleged wokeness of the modern world, but I suspect it's rather some kind of pseudo-wokeness, just like we have pseudo-privacy (GDPR), pseudo-environmentalism (greenwashing) etc. Managers and politicians are implementing good ideas in such a bad way (on purpose?) that finally everyone dislikes the system but for different reasons.
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    Using race in a conversation is very often a slur. Better to avoid it, in most cases it doesnt add or change anything with the subject matter of the conversation. Change my mind.
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    @bioDan my race is undead, and am the first of my kind, destined to overthrow the living. ;-)
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    I never got why real people bought into woke corporate culture. You're spending a third of your life contributing to some highly centralized pile of capital managed on behalf of the ultra rich by people who would invest it in slaves if that wasn't very risky because of the state.

    Do you think your choice of words will influence the equality, freedom or social impact of this situation?
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    Before mentioning race or gender, remember The Matrix movie: Neo tells Trinity "I thought you were a guy," and Trinity replies, "Most guys do."

    Source: https://quora.com/The-Matrix-1999-m...
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    @fraktalisman Anecdotally, my experience has been a huge ratio imbalance in favor of women. At all my workplaces going back to 2010-ish, it’s been mostly women and mostly in managerial positions over the men. As far as equity, it’s been “same shit different gender in charge” with glass ceilings being constructed so that the men cannot advance. Human nature doesn’t change just because some new equity paradigm is enacted. Women just have different ways of keeping men down than men have ways of keeping women down. Human beings are oppressors and oppressors gonna oppress.
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    @stackodev but the real question is can we replace managers, regardless of sex or gender, with ai, and how soon?
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