So I started a 80hour intership today at our Department of Education and this is how it went...

Boss : Design a database to show all applicants that applied for jobs at schools.

*I start thinking which tables and columns I'm going to use and start designing the database, writes out all the tables on paper*

Me : Is there a pc I should work on or should I use my laptop? And which database engine do you use?

B : No you can use your laptop. And btw we use MS Access

*Thinking wtf kind of business even governmental uses Access for their databases. But anyway, start creating the databases and relationships when my boss walks in*

B : No, what are you doing?

M : Im creating the database you asked for.

B : No, you design it on paper. Draw all the tables, draw the report and the form then you come show it to me, if I decide its good enough you can come in tomorrow and start creating it.

*Wtf kind of place is this, are you mentally retarded? You have a IT staff of 3 people, in which only the actual fulltime intern is a qualified IT professional, but when me or him tries to do some actual work, you give us shit about doing what was asked from us*

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    Don't just underestimate you're boss, there's nothing wrong in what he said obviously he would have more experince then you and he first want to keep an eye about how dp tou work so if he checks before anything gets real would save much more time rather than doing something real which os not really needed
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    Sorry but I can't see how planning and documenting your work before you just make the first thing in your head is bad.

    Your boss could have failed to convey the exact thing he wants.
    You could have misunderstood something.
    There could be thing you didn't think about but come up as you discuss it.

    All these things happen all the time, and avoiding them is what creates quality.
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    I understand both of your point of views. But i seriously doubt in this case you are correct. My boss has no IT degree, he has a masters in national infrastructure. He doesnt even understand the job he's supposed to be doing, and doesnt understand the tech he's using. He called me and the other intern into his office today, to show us exactly what he wants and how to do it, where we sat for half an hour watching him trying to figure out how an input mask works, we then left without him actually showing us anything. If he was more experienced and could actually do his job, I'd agree with you guys 100%, but this guy should just go back to his own department
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    No IT degree?

    Qualifications mean NOTHING in IT and software dev.

    I have zero qualifications, our junior IT guy has qualifications coming out his ass from uni, and he doesn't know anything. I'm constantly having to stop my dev work to fix his IT screw ups.
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    Yeah that is true. All I meant is that from what I've heard, and what I've seen so far, this guy doesnt have a clue what he's doing. He's smart as fuck, and maybe he can teach me a few things that I don't know, but in his current field I seriously doubt it.
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