Java Server Faces!
Don't get me wrong, I kinda love coding Java, but JSF is just a horrible technique for web development.

Had to do it since my company got to maintain an already existing backend which the customer wanted to have some more Features but the original dev didnt continue to support.

Attached hello world example from good old mykong for those not knowing jsf: http://mkyong.com/jsf2/...

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    So what's the issue?
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    @theactionslacks server sided template rendering based on strict XML with custom namespaces and one-way bindings. Ambiguity and redundancy: multiple ways to achieve the same effect with no obvious advantages (eg. multiple XML elements that render to equivalent HTML). Creating own components is a PITA. File names map to URLs (like old school php).

    Do I need to say more?
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    JSF is just awful :/
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    Thyme leaf
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