Anyone's company affected by sheer idiocy?

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    @Letmecode she also seems to feel zero responsibility for what she has just done.
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    @Letmecode @rubslopes sounds like alot of our clients
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    How about the guy who mistakenly ran rm -rf in all his servers effectively deleting his company?
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    @VigneshSubu Mistakenly? 😮😮
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    This add looks like some that are running on my country's gossip magazines..

    Buy this super dupper tablet for 100 euros
    It's a quad-core with the latest Android 4.2 installed, 40gb ram (8gb rom + shit quality sdcard) and 1gb of memory for all your needs and a real (Chinese 4 euros crappy) keyboard
    You won't need another tablet for years.
    (you could buy the same one for 40 or 50 euros with no bullshit if you can find it in stores)
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