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    It's amazing how any combination of those 4 letters, searched on Google, results in something completely different X'D

    BDSM = [you know what we're talking about, *wink wink* ;) ]
    DBMS = DataBase Management System
    DSMB = Data and Safety Monitoring Board
    DSBM = Depressive Suicidal Black Metal
    MBSD = Mercedes-Benz of San Diego
    MSBD = Mixed Sclerosing Bone Dystrophy
    SMDB = Suck My D*ck B*tch 🤣
    DMSB = Deutscher Motor Sport Bund

    ...and the list goes on and on 😂
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    @lunarkittie what about a dbms that manages data related to bdsm?
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    @anyhus pornhub never came to hire you?? 😛
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    @IsDevEasy seriously can you imagine working for a porn site? That'd be so unnecessarily distracting lmao
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    @anyhus I worked on several project for adults, there are a lot of boobs everytime but after the first week you get used to it... One time I have to go to the recording studio to check a server problem and while I was checking the computer and they where recording on the room next to me, was curious at least.
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    @Nastrand that makes sense. You'd just get accustomed to the nudity. I honestly feel like if in society people could just roam around nude or clothed, it would end up not being a big deal pretty soon after, we'd just get accustomed to it.
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    @anyhus I worked on adult sites before. Never, not even once, did I see it as something more than just another site from a technical perspective. I was really perplexed when the client asked me carefully if I'm OK to work with sites that have nudity. I didn't understand what he was asking. It's as if someone asked you carefully if you didn't have a problem with a website that sells potatoes.
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    @AndSoWeCode that makes sense yeah it's probably nothing
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