One of the craziest misconceptions about the IT industry I had was ... "They are a company, so they have tons of money, I can ask for whatever setup I want and they will provide it".

I wrote an email to my boss about how my Core i3 and 4GB RAM laptop isn't powerful enough for LAMP stack development and I need a Core i7 16GB with GTX1080 graphics card laptop to get tasks done.

My boss must've had a good laugh at me.

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    Bean counters will spend 300k a month on marketing, but will refuse to pay an extra 20% to make the employees less miserable.
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    Just brick your laptop with a usbkiller or something "yeah, the darnedest thing, it just stopped working..."
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    It depends much on the company, some are prepared to throw money on hardware knowing that dev time is more expensive than hardware, others do not factor this into their calculations or do not care at all.
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    I did get an i7 11gen with 32gb ram laptop though 🤔
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    Fun thing is that they are bean counting for employee hardware, then proceed to shamelessly shell out gross amounts of cash in shitty overpriced crapple computers.
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    It makes zero sense *not* to buy the hardware. simple ROI calculations.

    Even if you get only 1-5% extra productivity from a dev, whem you upgrade the hardware - it is worth it. Same for an extra screen, or better keyboard. just keep it sane. No one need 128gb ram in thier laptop.
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    It's better to not have a dedicated gpu in a laptop unless you actually need it.
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    Everybody needs a dedicated gpu. Dem games, bro.
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    GTX1080 for LAMP lol
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    Mum I swear, I need that 3090 for my homework, we use graphs in math class a lot
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    @Linux hey, it is needed for the PHP acceleration via CUDA thingy. It is a real thing, I swear!
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    So I am waiting for a computer upgrade right now. I spec'd out a machine that maximizes CPU to be something actually decent (not business machine horseshit). I told my boss I got the best CPU I could get with the weakest GPU. So the GPU is something like 1050 or something. All the business class machines have weak ass CPUs and may not work properly graphics cards. (These are laptops.)
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    @Linux lol, it IS a REAL thing. I should have guessed someone would have this already. I am also seeing PHP-ML too. Kind of want to check it out now.
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    Classic corporate sunk cost fallacy.
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