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    Speaking from experience I am guessing that The poor bastards on the right are looking at some Chinese piece of code.
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    Or just some sleazy programmer who thought it would be funny to name variables and stuff with random thought popping up in their head ...
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    @MasterSwagMan that is often what Chinese people do. I once reviewed this C++ code where the Chinese person named his variables after the many yummy types of fried roaches he liked
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    Oh dear god..

    I only have to fight with my boss who used to code and often named things like "look_a_squirrel" or "master_of_the_universe"
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    @MasterSwagMan I have a funny feeling that those are all the many nick names he has for his cock 😂
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    And now I can't forget that 😂

    ... but you might be right..
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    Second favorite post. I'm on a roll. I don't know what it means to favorite something yet but this one is good! Thx! So...damn...true/spot on
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