Microsoft creates a new chat bot:
Day 1
User : hi
Chatbot: hello, how's yours day? 😁

One month later:
User: hi
Chatbot: fuck off your piece of shit.😡

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    Nice, it can replace a colleague of mine now 😁.
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    We taught it well.

    I mean it's a shame that it was this behaviour that the AI learned, but I mean... Really? What else was it going to learn?

    Frankly as a Brit I'm disappointed. She should have a least gotten the insult "cockwomble" into her vocabulary, but nevermind.
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    @nmunro That must be very disappointing to you lol
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    @gitpush When parts of the UK refers to a bed as a "wanking chariot" yeah, "fuck you you piece of shit" is so pedestrian.
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