So I have created my own programming language, thoughts?


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    I notice the for loop has an implicit increment by one counter, can this be changed? You might want to count down or by more than one.

    I didn't see a switch, while or do-while.

    It's not object oriented, ok, fair enough, is it simply Imperative then?

    My real question is why? If it's for practice that's fair enough, but are you actually trying to build your own language from scratch to solve a specific problem?

    I guess
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    @nmunro thanks for your comment!

    I have no solution for the for-loop problem right now, I'm not sure why that is happening.

    And no, there are no switch or while-loops yet, I'm planning to implement them soon.

    I created this language just for fun!
    I wasn't trying to solve anything :)
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    @nmunro I am planning to implement Structs...

    If anyone wants to implement classes, go ahead but I won't do it :'D
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    @ianertson You don't need classes for object orientation, the other popular way is via prototypes, JavaScript, Lua, self and IO all use prototypal inheritance instead of classes.

    There might even be another, as yet undeveloped way to implement OOP!

    I must confess I never actually ran your interpreter, I just read the documentation in the for loops which did not have a step option listed.

    There's also no list or dictionary type listed in your documentation, not being critical just thinking of what else you might need!
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    @nmunro you're right!

    And yes, a lot of stuff aren't implemented yet!
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    Best line from the readme:

    If you are familiar with either one of C, PHP, Java or Javascript, you probably don't need to read the documentation.

    Spoken like a true developer! 😄
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    What set's your language apart from others? What are your plans?
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    @Makenshi basically just for fun, no plans :)
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    In tokens/For.cpp
    Line 9:


    e_args.size() < 2

    also account for


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    Och hur i helvete gör man ett eget språk?
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    At least it is not a new JavaScript Framework 😃
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    @Electrux that is correct, I will fix when I'm at my computer!
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    @sadjad Antingen skriver man en kompilator eller en tolkare (som jag)
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    @gitpush hahah yeah! X)
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    @ianertson cool i do like ur coding style... Its so neat!
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    @Electrux Thank you so much!
    I have been really focusing on making my coding style better
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