I used to work in a call center for a local hospital.

One night, all of our lines are swamped. Literally no time for a break between phone calls, +15 minute wait times. I answer the next call:

Me: "Its a marvelous Monday at AskIT, how may I help you?"

Doctor: "This is Dr. [Noone Care]. I need you to fix my password now."

Me: "Absolutely! You should be able to enter a new password now."


😩 So glad I don't work for doctors anymore. Oh and the best part is, he had selected the general phone queue, rather than the doctor queue (~3 minute wait time instead).

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    To be fair it was a terrible system.
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    Or maybe he needed new password when he was operating someone and he can't touch anything? 🤔
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    Hope he wasn't googling anything related to the surgery !!
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    @MathewTG maybe there is a stackoverflow for doctors 🤔😓
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    As someone who has many friends who study / finished studying medicine I can only tell you that their logical thinking isn't high at all, unlike engineers. They mainly remember lots of information, but don't think/calculate/deduct.
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    See this from the user's perspective. The doctor wants to perform surgery and not have to deal with it systems designed by some engineer on the other side of the planet.

    Systems should be designed for the user. If you constantly have to fight the it system to do your work then the it system is a piece of shit.

    Sure, the users are stupid. That's why we should design the systems for them.
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    You're right. The users had to constantly struggle with the system to perform their jobs.

    I pray I never design a system that causes the users that much frustration.
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