Damn you OVH... You and your goddamn deals again... Now I ended up buying 2 domains for a project again. We all know I'll leave the domain in my cloudflare "keychain" without using it until it expires, because I'll find a fancier and more fun project πŸ˜…

I'm at 12 domains right now... I think I might be addicted πŸ€”

Btw, theres a sick deal going on over at OVH, .com is only 1,20€... Better get your project domain which you'll probably never use again now πŸ˜‚

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    I was deep in all kind of sick domain names from the namecheap deals... I did learned to control myself but I still actively spend at least an hour a week looking for "valuable" .COMs
    I wish I could go back in time, buy "brazzers.com" and build facebook on it.
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    @codePolitics a couple months or years ago (tbh don't remember anymore) I was about to buy "run.sh". I thought that it has to be the sickest and hackiest domain ever. Forgot about it and some time later I see it on as a parked domain...
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    '12'. A few months ago used to own about 35 domains 😢😢
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    I don't know how many domains I have. Some domains I hold for other people, some are for clients, some are mine.

    I once had the domain opiat.es
    List it when I forgot my Spanish foreigner ID, so I couldn't renew it
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