Why thankyou Windows 10.
I appreciate that choiceless, dictatorial update restart you have kindly blessed me with.

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    I'm glad I don't have to suffer from this or the old restart and unplug instead of turn off to avoid updates when they are set to automatic 😂😂

    Been away from windows for some time now... there really isn't a way to avoid this? o.O
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    Not without manually uninstalling an update and thus making future updates void therefore making your machine vulnerable!
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    I'm afraid windows updates doesn't make your machine invulnerable :/
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    @azous keeping your computer friend up to date minimises attack surface, it should be part of any security policy and more importantly; risk assessment.
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    My wife blamed me for upgrading her laptop. "It wasn't me, I swear!"
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    @shittywebdev Same happened to me a week back. She asked: What did you do with my computer?! - The best part is that it's a 5 year old dell laptop living on its last breath.
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