It's so annoying! One of the developers just started explaining to me some of the recent changes in the infrastructure. I made these changes! I know about them and can explain them better than he did. I tried telling him that I already know but he just wouldn't stop. It felt like he was mansplaining. I don't usually get that at work so it was weird and frustrating.

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    I hate it because I find it hard to believe that most of the times it has to do something with the fact that I'm a woman. I try to remain professional at all times and talk in a way that would not suggest that I know leas than I really do. I believe that that's why I haven't experienced that before. I was really surprised from the situation and will be more assertive next time
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    @NivOps "who has two thumbs, no penis and made all the changes herself?"

    That'd probably fly where I work due to how small an office we are, I have no idea if that'd work in anywhere larger. Of course it's probably unconstructive but makes the point...
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    Mansplaning is a stupid concept and needs to die asap. The term is often coined as last defense and nobody should use it. Especially as you seem to have a good reason for complaining.

    Did he somehow express that he does explain the changes because you're a women?

    If not, then he was simply some asshole who tries to feel superior to you.
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    I guess using this specific word and blaming him for that was quite emotional. It felt like it because I only see him talking like that to the female developer on his team.
    In hindsight he probably just was a bit condescending and maybe felt that he has to explain because he is a team leader or something
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    I see your point and I agree. I wrote it when I was still angry and wanted to release some steam (I guess that this is the right place to do it :) ) and now I believe that this word is really unnecessary. I didn't pass job interviews a few times due to the fact that I'm a female(that's for a fact- I have a unisex name and as soon as I got to the interview and they saw that I'm a girl they didn't even try), of course there was some other interviews I didn't pass because I wasn't good enough, but the fact that it was because of my gender made me feel insecure, and I'm working on it :)
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    @NivOps best way to remain professional at all times is to let loose with the explicitives and a loud voice every now and then on what bothers you, because increased contrast makes it more obvious. How will they learn otherwise?
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    It's harder when it's something I feel insecure about
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    Yup, if I could edit it, I would have said that it wasn't the right word to use, but I'm glad I did use it because the comments here made me realize what a stupid word it is and I think it does the opposite of what people think it does- instead of pointing out something that is unfair, it just seems as an excuse for not knowing things.
    I would definitely think twice before using it again(if ill ever use it at all)
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    @jeffalyanak What the fuck? Mainsplaining is just another tumblr word, made up and without context. What the hell do you mean with "we all know the math"?! That the men here all just accept this and think its ok? Seriously, stop thinking like this immediatly, because it sexist. I am a man, i treat all people equally, and wtf, i had to google mansplaining, because it is a made up thing. It just doesnt exist. And even worse, it gets a nocebo, where people are running around and make posts like this. Wtf, dude.
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    Mansplaining. This is insulting for every men. Mensplaining does not have any relevance in science. Mansplaining is only spoken of by people who are in the deeps of the internet, NOONE else knows even the word. Its just sexist and basically a made up problem which i am not willing to just accept, because the word is targetting EVERY man. If we start to think stuff like "mansplaining" is something existent, even though there is no real evidence to support that, we will take a turn back into discrimination of groups. So stop that shit.

    Otherwise we all can just dig up stereotypes, our favorite hated group, and compile the next word.

    "Further research
    is needed to determine whether this difference represents overconfidence on the part of men[...]"
    What you were saying is your interpretation of the results while the study itself says that further research is necessary. That sums your position up pretty well.
    Science is not just feelings and "i think". Bring real evidence next time, because you just disqualified yourself.
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