While writing a Xamarin Forms app in C#.

Graphic designer: "Can you increase the letter spacing of this label by 1.5em?"

Me: "Uhhhh...."

Graphic designer: "I know you can do it, I've done it in CSS before"

Me: "...."

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    My face to everything. "...."
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    i know you can do that :D
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    @Letmecode but he's asking for letter spacing, which is the spacing between each letter in the label
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    @heyheni is there actually a way?
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    lol just use regex and add sixth quartered spacing beween the letters.
    No! Idk i'm a designer and not a developer.
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    I did it in css once XD I'm dying
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    I know you can do it. I once did it in Paint.
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    I know you can do it. I once did it in Word perfect 6.
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    U+2002 EN SPACE
    U+2003 EM SPACE
    Just add one of each of those between every character, and you have 1.5em letter spacing.
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    God i hate such useless requirements by designers. You can waste hours trying do hack it in, knowing that it will look ugly and decrease user experiance.
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    Hands are tired when it comes to designing in XF. because you can't do anything without customRenderer

    Stupid Xamarin...... 😠😠
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