Note to self:
Fifty shades of gray is not about CSS or any other subject you care about. Delete mental association so as not to react like Pavlov's dog every time you hear/see title mentioned in mass media.


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    One could say it's too boring to be about CSS.
    (Also: not enough SM involved.)
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    @nin0x03 I'll stick to picture books, or flip books for that type of content lol 🙃
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    @ILMostro True story!

    Was looking for a comparison of shades of grey, so I Googled "Shades of grey." Every. Single. Result. Was about that shitty movie and book. I then realized maybe I should add RGB or something like that. But it did piss me off for a few minutes. Like wtf, this isn't 2011/2012; that fad blew over (thank God).
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