Wow. Nice 😍👌. First question on stackoverflow. 4 down votes 😎. WTF why?

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    Because StackOverflow, that's why!
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    @just-basic-user yes plz
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    Developers are very picky about how you ask them questions. Vicious creatures they are
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    What is stuip?
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    @DivineInfinity The 'p' went to bring some snacks!!!
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    @buntel They are just jealous because you have a dark theme for the Dev-Tools.
    I need to get that too.
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    Want more down votes? We can always help 😀

    But seriously I don't know why that hatred .... for me if I'm a new come and I end up at your question, I will for sure benefit from the link of possible duplicate, but also appreciate if an answer with right keywords to use when searching for an answer, cuz obviously if user knows the right keywords that question wouldn't be there. But hey, it's not the perfect world we are living in
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    @buntel SO is a dark place, I have to agreee with them that i dont onderstand te question tho haha

    EDIT: my bad i got it, no idea why the fuck that would happen though, sounds like on change the code re-renders. Is this using react or something? Else its a feature
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    @buntel the console outputs the result of your last expression.

    For example, if you write 1 and press enter, it will output 1.

    The result of your first expression (which is an assignment) is the value of the "test" variable.

    The result of your second expression (which is also an assignment) is the value of "test.value", which is 2.

    If you want to see the value of your variable, just write "test" and press enter.
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    @buntel just posted this answer on SO as well. I hope this helps. 😉
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    Sorry but I read your question about 10 times and I still don't understand what you are asking.. and that is the version after you edited it.
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    "I try to debug some crazy shit" hahahahah no wonder, I love it... Upvoted.
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    @spacem unfortunately I've bad English skills :/ But I have thought the attached image is self-explaining.
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    @buntel bro I guess you got so many ways that instead of stack overflow there was vote overflow and hence change in sign 🤔
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    Well they told you explicitly it's not clear what you're asking. I didn't either.
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    Welcome to the dark world of getting downvotes friend.. I too got 5 downvotes within 3 minutes of posting a question..
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    SO is a place where strictly quality content is wanted. And people want it badly. I had to read your question a few times before figuring out what was the question - that is not the quality content SO is aiming for. Hence the down votes.

    You need to be super explicit about what exactly you are asking for. Check the documentation, there's plenty of help there.

    For small questions like these I would go to http://chat.stackoverflow.com though. No voting system there.
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