I'm dreaming of a web language that is as close to the English language as possible.
nav bar with 5 links
slider with 3 images that runs automatically
Section with 3 images next to each other
Paragraph with first word in red
Footer with menu and sign up form

This would be the shit!

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    Im dreaming of a world where each browser always has the latest standards correctly implemented.
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    Why not just add voice prompt to it and let the project manager build his own goddamn fucking website.
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    https://emmet.io/ comes close to that...

    it is buit in vs code by default and on atom, brackets and sublime you get it as extension.

    cheat sheet >>> https://docs.emmet.io/cheat-sheet/
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    Include english-css

    Webpage type
    Navigation with some links - stick to top
    Content - make it look good
    Footer - make it look official
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    @heyheni no t really since its no sentences or something. This is just CSS selectors. But I do love emmet and cannot go without.
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    @Alt-Grrr HAML?
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