Isn't it a bit weird that a site like devRant exists?

Doesn't it show the underlying problem with developing software and what it does to the human mind?

A lot of people seem to share the same feelings and are able to relate with the most common negative experiences over here.

Why is it that way and is the society we live in even aware of it?

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    Well, people from other occupation also get frustrated and would make a website...

    If they could :D
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    @tahnik, they'll get us to make it... and complain... thus generating more devRants...
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    I think the real problem here is not that devs are messed up, but that society doesn't understand or care about our struggles on their behalf. It's willful ignorance and therefore social isolation. It's like being an edgy teen when your parents don't understand you, except without the punk rock and sex appeal.
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    But people do occasionally attempt to fix their own toilets instead of shrinking away at the very mention of the word "plumbing" because all plumbers are fatsos with no social life. And when they do hire plumbers, they don't call it "magic". The way I see it, people who are "non tech savvy" are straight-up tech averse.
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    #PlumbRant needs to be a thing.
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    Welcome btw, and tbh i dont find it weird at all, we are not usually the most socially active people, but we love computers and our phones and out tablets and tech so devrant is the result of our love for tech and our need to socialize with people as crazy as us
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    @droptables seems I found you "bobby tables"
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    @tahnik LMAO yes, so much yes.
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