Bf: what you doing?
Me: coding
Bf: do you ever stop working?!
Me: I'm not 'working', I'm doing my own project.
Bf: but you do that at work. Why do you want to keep doing it?
Me: it's fun?

--- a few days later ---

Bf: what you doing?
Me: reading.
Bf: omg you're not coding! What are you reading?
Me: a book about coding
Bf: *faceplam*

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    Ha yeah, that's some familiar scenarios.
    But with inverse roles. :)
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    Yeah, I know that convo... So many people repeat the old mantra of "Find a job you love and you will not work a single day in your life" but when someone actually does that it's strange to them.
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    @Godisalie I can't give you the proper amount of deserved ++ for this observation!
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    I wanna ++ but.... You're on 666 and I don't wanna ruin that 😎
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    Yes, my brother tells me to read and do something beside coding and math related stuff haha. I might start learning spanish and read some other material, but overall I just feel like there's such a massive void to fill.
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    I've got 99 bugs and this site ain't one
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    He sounds quite annoying
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    I found this on fb
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    @ihavePCSD O wow, this did get put on Facebook. Fancy.
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    I do talk to my imaginary girlfriend now and then like this
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    That's me right now except my gf is the one face palming. I wish she got it like you do. I feel like I'm on an island in this relationship solely​ because she knows not one thing about technology.
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    @dalastTomCruise same! I'm retracting from people because of it.
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    Damn, so 1337 name
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    Need a girl like that :p
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