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    Write code using thought only because then I could just brainstorm the next big program or something and get paid tons for it... lol
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    have access to goog/msft/fb servers so then when people ask me if i can hack into their friend’s fb account, ill get their pass from fb server, login on my phone, show them how fucking hackerman i am, then be like “no bitch i aint giving u his password”
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    @calmyourtities Lol, this one is cool^^
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    Writing code using thought only, because that's th3 only thing you can't do in real lif3.
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    Get infinite storage and sell it to Google? Profit.
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    I bet this will be a thing in 20 years.

    In real lif3 ^^
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    Second. Because damn I'd use the living shit out of that.
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    4th one solves all

    Why? You could use machine learning for free by accessing google/ms servers

    Why? You can use their servers and store your files somewhere deep.

    Why? You can access google play and hack something.
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    @BambuSource lol my fault sometimes my keyboard replace the 'e' with a '3' :p
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    Access to Google's servers hands down
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    Definitely writing coffee via thoughts.
    Best thing is: you could write code nearly everywhere.
    Although unlimited disk space might get important then after a while....
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    write code using thought just cause I already have more than enough storage, the free apps thing doesn't seem too important and I wouldn't know what to do with the servers
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    Fuck the system i want to write code using though only and access to google/Microsoft/Facebook server it don't say anywhere that you cannot choose 2 things.
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    For me, write code using thought only ( unless it starts building a cluster fuck in my brain )...
    Because its so much fun 🤔😊
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    Access to Google/Microsoft/Facebook so first I would change things so it wouldn't be a big data kraken and like "Big Brother is watching u" and then I would do a lot of data analysis
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    I would choose the first one because I could create a program for all the latter problems.
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    Storage space is cheap, typically you don't need more than a TB. You can crack paid apps, or just realize that you don't need/use that many anyway. Idrc about the servers. Guess what I'd pick.
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    I am absolutely going for access to servers(want to have Amazon and IBM as well though)! I would love to feed all this data to different ML projects... And since I would have the servers, I even would have the power to process it
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    Havw Access to Googles and Facebooks Servers.
    I would sell a bit of insider information, would habe enough money to buy as many harddrives as i want to, buy all paid apps, and hire elon musk to do invent a machine that lets me write code with my thoughts.
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