-Why you don't use WordPress for every client? It's less work same money.

- because f#*k you.

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    Easy, real developers don't use WordPress, the ones that do can't do anything better.
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    Less work is a valid reason. Depends on your development needs. Only simple design and tight deadline? Go for a CMS like WP. Need more control? Build something.
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    @TheCapeGreek In my experience, with the needs of the average client,
    and the bloat and maintenance which comes with prefab cms anyway — It's easier to just do a project init in your favorite framework.

    You have to consider, do I want to spend 2 days now, or do I want to update broken plugins for an hour every week for the rest of my life?
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    @TheCapeGreek we having in saying one of my countries languages which will any semblance of meaning when translated to English, but it boils down to, "The most expensive thing you buy, will also be the cheapest" you may be saving now, but it will cost you much more in the long run.
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    Because fuck you indeed.

    And you can say fuck here. Try it. It's liberating
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