I once had a manager who demanded I physically print all of the Kanban cards and tape them to the office whiteboard. I was told to move the cards across the board after they were moved in TFS. I still had to keep up with my other duties in the QA department too!

Despite that, I still stayed on board with the company (the pay was good, and the work was simple.) As a QA teeter, I uncovered a rather nasty security vulnerability that would have put all of our customers data at reach to anybody. I advised my manager, and was told - just ignore it and ship the code please. I refused.

I was threatened with being fired, verbally assaulted, and challenged at the most trivial ways in everything I did after that.

Jokes on him now. I work from home in my dream job, doing what I love, with a manager who actually gives a rats ass about my concerns.

Moral of the story here - you don't have to agree with your subordinates , but you do need to validate their concerns.

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    Wow, thought I was micromanaged bad before, this is silliness!
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    Well we use both trello and a physical scrumboard and I prefer the physical one.
    You see it every time you walk by.
    Its nice for the standup.
    You dont have to update trello that often ^^
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    @Codex404 do you have any remote developers ?
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    @juneeighteen for some projects we do. In that case both the teams have a local physical scrumboard and trello. But instead of updating trello once a day we update the physical one once a day.
    Its really nice to have the big overview on a physical board instead of scrolling through each task.
    But its personal preference. I can see why people think its an useless hassle
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