long && scam && rant?

At my parent's: phone rings..
Me: hi this is XYZ (in German)
He: hi this is ABC from Microsoft tecnical suport (strong Indian accent, sorry toall Indian devs who might feel offended, no intention)
Me: hi... (I'm learning for my exams and don't have a VM with Windows installed currently, so no time to "play")
He: we got some worrying data from your Windows computer. You might have a virus and we need to run a few tests to verfy it. Do you know what that is?
Me: yeah, a scam.
He: sorry, sir I didn't understand you, could you repeat?
Me: yeah, I know what " this" is. It's a scam, and we only deploy Linux here. (lie, we have Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as an iPhone, iPad and Android devices in the house, guess who is "support"...) But good luck with your next call.
He: (kind of friendly) oh. I see. Well have a nice day too.

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    It's going around. My parents got the same call. Thank goodness for Chromebooks
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    I always keep them on the line and sometimes I suddenly "switch" from windows version. So he has to explain things a bit longer. Longest I had one on the line was 35 minutes.
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    @Codex404 I got 2 hours with one guy
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    Never noticed that these calls also take place in Germany. Time to warn my parents.
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    @Gerrymandered good try but my time to beat is 5 hours and a callback next day from them trying to figure out what tf happened
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    @ChibangLW Switzerland it was.

    @brod story time! How did you do that?!?
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    Most Indians hate these scammers btw
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