1 - I have this incredible software idea
2 - I start coding right away
3 - I get stuck because I don't know how to use some function and start googling
4 - I don't find a solution for the coding problem I had, but instead I find out that someone already made the brilliant software I was trying to make, with more use cases covered, better design and stuff.
5 - I remember the uncountable times this had happened before
6 - *goddammit*
7 - Think about making a tattoo that says "google it before coding it"

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    GBC 4 life lol
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    There should be a website that just instantly tells you if the idea already exists. (I have not googled if such a website already exists).
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    Well, just do what apple did. You don't have to be the first, you just have to be better than the other guy. (disclaimer: better is subjective)
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